Nashville's TV Signals on Line Graphs

This page is setup to show each of Nashville, TN's OTA TV signals represented on two line graphs. If you lose a signal, you can come here and tell if it is you or if the station has went off the air. The green line represents the broadcast channel's strength. That line will be there even if that station is off the air. The blue line represents the station's signal. That is what you want to look at if you want to see if they have gone off the air or not. Click here for an example. Sometimes, there may not be a blue line, but yet they are broadcasting. That means they are just broadcasting at a very low power that can't be picked up by the graphs. A few of them might not be great on one line graph because that reception graph is mine, and I live a ways out from Nashville. For example, WKRN may sometimes go up and down. I also cannot receive WNPT, WJDE, or WLLC at this time. The other graph is someone else that lives near Hendersonville. That graph is better at looking at those low power channels than mine. You can look at either the past 6, 12, 24, or 48 hours of each station's signal. Also, the time on the bottom of each graph is in Eastern Time. If you have any questions about this page or anything else, please contact me via the contact page, and I will try and help.

TV Station: How Many Hours?:

My Line Graph

Signal Graph

Hendersonville's Line Graph

Signal Graph 2

Cheatham Co.'s Line Graph

Signal Graph 5

Franklin's Line Graph

Signal Graph 3

Near Harding Pike's Line Graph

Signal Graph 4

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