Nashville's Repack Plans

This page is to show all of the information of the stations in Nashville that are being affected by the FCC Repack. The transitioning ERP is what each station will be (temporarily) broadcasting at on an auxiliary antenna when they are bringing down the current antenna (mainly top mounted ones) and putting up the new antenna for the new channel.

Call Letters and Channels Current ERP (Power Level - kW) Transitioning ERP (Power Level - kW) Final ERP (Power Level - kW) Notes
1000 ? 1000 They will be changing channels to channel 36 at 10am on October 18th. It will be at a lower power and a side-mounted antenna as they replace the top-mounted antenna for the full powered channel 36 setup.
0.3 - 12 They are not a 'class A' low power station. They do have to change channels before May because they have to vacate channel 7 so that WNPT can transition just in time for their repack. Exact time unknown.
17.65 7 17.65 There are two towers in southern Davidson County that are positioned right beside each other. They will be moving from one to the other. They won't be changing channels until sometime in May or June of 2020.
1000 68.43 1000 WZTV will change channels from 15 to 20 on Friday, October 11th. The exact time is unknown.
10 -- 15 Exact time unknown, but they have to change channels before WNAB does since WNAB changes to channel 30.
733 -- 550 Well, they have applied, and been granted, to move their repack channel 32 to near Cross Plains right next to I-65 and to go from granted 1000kw down to 550kw. That is pretty much half the power and almost 200kw less than what it is now. Exact time unknown, but they have to change channels before WTVF does since WTVF changes to channel 36.
5.3 -- 15 This will be an interesting one as WJDE will actually be leaving the L&C building and going to a tower north of Nashville near the intersection of Dickerson Pike and I-65. They have applied to modify their new channel 23. They have changed the power from 4.45kw to 15kw.Updated - It looks like now that they will not do the change on October 18th. They will stay on channel 31 until they are paid their reimbursement from the FCC to pay for their new equipment. Once they get paid, they will pay for the equipment, have it delivered, install it, and then they can change channels sometime between October 19th and January 17th, 2020.
1000 24 900 They originally were given, per the FCC, the ERP of 618kw, but they have now applied to increase it to 900kw. Because of tower crews being delayed, they will not transition to their full powered channel 16 on October 16th. Instead, they will transition to channel 16 on that day using an lower antenna and at only 24kw. They will try and get their full power setup done as soon as possible.
14.9 - 14.9 They are not a 'class A' low power station. So they don't have to change channels until sometime in 2020 or 2021.
1000 ? 950 They have now filed for their repack permit. After some structual work on their current tower, they can now construct their post repack channel (25). They have filed for the same specs the FCC gave them. So there is no change in location.They have now applied to increase their power from 681kw to 950kw. Updated - 09-25-19: They are right now operating at a lower power due to the installation of their new transmitter.
350 130 725 Well, they went a lot further then I expected. They have now applied for 725kw. That was a surprise to me.Updated - WNAB will change channels on Wednesday, October 9th. Exact time is unknown.

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