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WSMV May Be Up for Sale Soon

- Posted September 11th, 2020 at 5:38pm
First things first. Right now, this is just speculation. The only thing that is happening right now is that Meredith Corp. (WSMV's owner) is splitting the company in two. It is separating its publication properties and its Local TV properties into two separate parts of the company. In this article from, they are speculating that one good reason for doing so, is to better sale the different assets. Companies wanting TV stations are not interested in any publication properties and vice versa. So, don't be surprise when you hear that WSMV is up for sale if they do decide to sale. Until more news breaks, that's all for now.

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- Posted on September 13th, 2020 at 4:47am - Edited

Scripps spun off their newspaper properties in 2018. Even though Meredith is bleeding money in both print and local TV stations due to the pandemic, I believe Meredith Corp. will spin off their TV stations. They could throw a boomerang and sell off their local TV stations.

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