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WRTN Has Picked a New Channel

- Posted May 27th, 2018 at 9:39pm
It was announced that an FCC window would be opened up for low power TV stations and TV translators to file for a new channel because of the auction repack, whether it was because they were currently broadcasting in the auctioned off block of channels (38-51) or a full power TV channel was moving to their currently broadcasting channel. That aforementioned window would be opened from April 10 to May 15, but the FCC later extended that window to June 1st. With just less than a week away, every low power station in and around Nashville affected by the auction had applied for a new channel except WRTN channel 7 that is, until now. They have now applied for channel 17 at only 12kw. Before all of this auction happened, WRTN had already applied to move to channel 17 but at the highest power level possible at 15kw. There is information in the FCC filing that gave the reason why for the power adjustment down. I am posting it below.

"WRTN is displaced on it’s licensed channel 7 by WNPT, Nashville TN moving to channel 7. WRTN has a CP to move to channel 17, but it too is displaced by WHTN, Channel 16, Murfreesboro and WAAY, Channel 17, Huntsville, AL, and will receive 6.29% interference from WKSO, Sommerset KY.
The only fix was to do a major overhaul of the Ch 17 as a displacement to ch 7. The current channel 17 CP will be dismissed so the displacement application can be granted. "

The above stations mentioned are where channels will be going after being repacked. For example, WHTN will be moving from 38 to 16, WAAY will be moving from 32 to 17, and WKSO will be moving from 14 to 17. The other low power stations in and around Nashville changing channels are:

WNPX-LP 20 moving to channel 24 (Off the Air right now)
WCKV-LD 21 (rf 30) moving to channel 22 (Clarksville)
WKUW-LD 40 moving to channel 28
WLLC-LP 42 moving to channel 19

Well, that is all the information I have for you right now. Until more news breaks...


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