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WJFB is Not Changing Location After All

- Posted September 8th, 2017 at 8:01pm
WJFB, awhile back, didn't apply for a construction permit for their repack channel 25, because their current tower (located in Wilson County) wasn't able to support a new antenna for channel 25. So, the plan was going to be to move to just north of Nashville and broadcast at 1000kw, but they have just applied for their permit, and they say they have done some structural work on the tower, and it is now able to support the new antenna. Therefore, they have applied for the specs the FCC has given them, which is, to broadcast channel 25 from their current location at 681kw. I have updated the repack plans page. You can click here to go to that page. Well, that is all for now.


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