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WJDE is Back

- Posted September 25th, 2013 at 4:46pm
I've just got word that WJDE is back on the air. For a while there, it had been off the air for a few days, but now there's been reports that the signal is coming in great "in Downtown Nashville". I am posting what I found on the AVS forum from "caw1975" below.

"It's doing better than ever for me, over in Lockland Springs area. I used to get it in okay, but not great. Couple of weeks ago their transmitter was hit by lightning, and 31.2 was down for a day, 31.1 was down for almost two days. When it came back up, the signal was really low, almost unwatchable, but within the last few days they must have finished the repairs with new and better parts because I've got a great signal now."


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