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WCTZ Programming is Back

- Posted February 21st, 2020 at 9:38pm
Thanks to everyone who has left a comment on the website to alert me to WCTZ having put programming back on. I looked just earlier today at WCTZ, and it was still "Test Signal On" at that time. I just got on and saw everybody's comment saying that WCTZ's programming is back. The list of networks are the same except instead of Soul of the South network it's 3ABN network and instead of JewelryTV it is another infomercial channel. I don't know what this means about WJNK 34. Right now, I am unable to receive WJNK to see what they have. Could someone, who receives that channel, tell me if 3ABN and the other subchannels are still on there? WCTZ's channels are as follows:

35.1 - Buzzr
35.2 - ShopLC
35.3 - 3ABN
35.4 - Quest
35.5 - Infomercials
35.6 - CBN News
35.7 - Infomercials

Again, thank you to everyone who alerted me to this change. Until more news breaks, that's all for now.


- Posted on February 21st, 2020 at 10:48pm

For me, Buzzr on 35.1 has a bad motion blur problem when there is panning in programming, both when using my TV tuner and my OTA TiVo. Also, the picture looks extremely zoomed in.

- Posted on February 21st, 2020 at 11:15pm

ch 34.1 is 3abn ch 34.5 3abn audio ch 34.6 3abn spanish audio ch 34.7 Radio 74

- Posted on February 22nd, 2020 at 5:36am

I get them crystal-clear in Clarksville!

- Posted on February 23rd, 2020 at 6:09am

What RF is this again? I never included it in my hand written list, because I figured I could never get any low-power stations, but on some very early mornings since they came back up with more power than pre repack, I can get this signal.

- Posted on February 23rd, 2020 at 2:15pm

It is broadcasting on RF channel 35.

- Posted on February 24th, 2020 at 5:51am

Thanks. I didn't want to go through the trouble of a rescan or add the channel to complicate my tv guide for this low power station that I can rarely receive, but wanted to see if I can get it at least late night, early morning. I got it, just a tad of pixelating, at or about 5:30 a.m. CDT on 2/23/2020. That's pretty impressive that I can get a low-power signal this far away, even if it's just occasionally; makes me want to try for more reliability, but it may be that I'm already maxed out with my 8-bay, UHF-only antenna. I am going to eventually order a VHF-high-only antenna to couple with my UHF antenna in order to try for WSMV (probably can't get WNPT). When I order that VHF antenna, I'm also going to order a 91-element UHF only for only $21. These antenna are available at with great reviews and cheap. The VHF only is under $40. The problem might end up being that this 91 element antenna, though higher gain than my 8-bay, may be just a tad too directional and won't capture my span of signals coming in, but I might as well give it a try. I can lose only $21 plus shipping, and shipping will likely be minimal since I'm ordering another antenna anyway.

- Posted on February 23rd, 2020 at 2:01pm

I'm having the motion blur problem too. Anybody know what causes that issue.

- Posted on February 26th, 2020 at 11:26am

I rescanned and am getting 35 but with some pixelation. My problem is when it comes up in the guide it is showing WKMA 35 (Kentucky PBS), but still showing WCTZ programming. Has WKMA made their swap yet?

- Posted on February 26th, 2020 at 1:49pm

Yes, WKMA 35 in Madisonville, KY has moved to their new channel. They moved back on the repack deadline of Oct. 18th. What device are you seeing that on? If it is your TV, than I don't know what the problem is, but if the device is a dvr or something like that, then the guide probably doesn't know anything about WCTZ and just used the closest channel 35 that is near you to identify the station and fill the guide. That is just my idea on what you are seeing.

- Posted on February 26th, 2020 at 3:16pm

It comes through correctly on TV guide, but comes through as WKMA through Amazon Firestick.

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