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Scripps Launching Two New Diginets July 1st

- Posted March 10th, 2021 at 1:36pm
Scripps, the owner of WTVF and the new owner of ION and all of ION stations including WNPX, will be launching two new diginets, subchannels, on July 1st. The names of the networks are Doozy and DefyTV. They both will have unscripted reality programming. Doozy will be aimed at women while DefyTV will be aimed at men. IMO, they will probably take the spots occupied by QVC and HSN on WNPX 28.5 and 28.6 respectively. I have a link to a YouTube video below from their Cincinnati station talking about over-the-air TV including the new networks. The video shows a familiar logo. I am also including more links to some of the articles that talk more about the networks as to what certain programs will be on the new networks. Until more news breaks, that's all for now.

WCPO 9 YouTube Video
Doozy And Defy Set To Join E.W. Scripps Multicast Portfolio
Scripps to Launch Multicast Networks Doozy and Defy TV
Scripps To Launch Two More Diginets


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