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Repack Update - WNPT Final Update

- Posted August 3rd, 2020 at 8:17pm
I just got word today that WNPT just now finished with their construction of their permanent antenna and that they are now at full power. I know that this is a small post, but that's all I have for you right now until more news breaks.


- Posted on August 3rd, 2020 at 9:48pm

I received an email from WNPT around 11 AM that they were on their permanent antenna and full power. Before they changed frequencies, I was able to receive the station here in Gallatin with a flat antenna and a preamp. I performed a rescan on my OTA TiVo and my TV and even with the additional antenna height and more power, the reception is not as good as it was when they were on VHF 8, and is picture is extremely pixelated. Since they are on VHF 7 now, I think that my flat antenna is iffy for receiving VHF 7. May have to resort to buying some rabbit ears and a antenna combiner to work in conjunction with my flat antenna.

- Posted on August 3rd, 2020 at 11:05pm

I'm in Gallatin and I am now getting WNPT at 100% using a Wineguard 5500 flatwave antenna. You may trying moving your antenna a few feet. Location makes a big difference with indoor antennas. I get all the Nashville channels except WLLC and WRTN. I lost WLLC when it moved from channel 42 to channel 19 and WRTN when it moved to channel 8.

- Posted on August 3rd, 2020 at 11:27pm

You have the same antenna that I do and the same channel lineup as you do except for WNPT. I was getting around 80-90 when they were on VHF 8, which puzzles me. I will experiment with changing the antenna location, but I get 80-100 on all of the other channels and I have to be cautious not to lose them and hope to find a sweet spot to receive WNPT.

- Posted on August 4th, 2020 at 9:00pm

Found the culprit to be a failing Commscope two way splitter. It has a manufacturing date of July 2019, but even the good ones like the Commscope can fail early. Had a spare, and it fixed the problem. I get WNPT at 80-85 percent now.

- Posted on August 4th, 2020 at 11:03am

I live in southern Kentucky and after all the channels upping their power, only one line has improved for me and thats 58.1, 58.2, 58.3 and 58.4. Channel 5, 2, 17, 30 and all their subs I can still see but not as strong as before. Channel 4 is the same 2 bars it has been and I was told I shouldn't get it but I do even tho I am over 70 miles away. Channel 22 WCTE also has weakened but 24 WKYU has strengthened so I guess its a win some lose some thing, I am thankful I still get all those channels, 61 total from where I live, just wished some was more power cause when it rains I get cutout sometimes.

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