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One Big News Post

- Posted July 3rd, 2021 at 4:32pm
Over the past week or two, there have been some news of late whether it's news that came out or through me speaking with some of the owners of local TV channels regarding their stations. So without further ado, here we go.

Defy TV and TrueReal on the Air

Of course, by now, everybody knows that Scripps's new networks, Defy TV and TrueReal have started. Defy TV is reality programming aiming towards men which shows up on WNPX 28.5 while TrueReal is reality programming aiming towards women which shows up on WNPX 28.6. Anyways, moving on.

WNPX (low power) 20 and WNTU 26 Delayed

Both of these low power channels haven't been operating in Nashville for a long time. They were suppose to come on the air in late May or June of this year before their permit's expiration date of July 13, 2021 (the end of low power analog stations in the US), but because of shipping delays of the equipment, they have asked for an extension until Sept. 1st. If granted, which it maybe, that doesn't necessarily mean they have to wait until Sept. 1st to come on the air, that just means they have until that date to come on the air. By the way, WNPX(-LP) channel 20 was once a low powered analog relay of their, then owner, ION Media full powered station's WNPX. Now both are owned by Word of God Fellowship. Most of the stations they own pretty much just show the Daystar network. Now whether or not they will air Daystar on both channels or not, I do not know at this time. Just have to wait and see.

News about WRTN Move to 17

I was in contact with Mr. Rick Goetz, owner of WRTN-LD, and he informed me that he will make the change from RF 8 to RF 17 this month. He is waiting for the delivery of the antenna. I am providing the links to WRTN's range on both channel 8 and channel 17 below.

WRTN RF 17 Map

New positions for W15ER and W29FR and More Information about the Owner

I also recently have been in contact with Mr. Jeff Winemiller; owner of W15ER, W29FR, and W14EE. He has said he doesn't know what networks will be on his channels at this time. He also owns WSCG 34 and WGCB-LD 35 in the Savannah, GA area and WHDC-LD 12 in the Charleston, SC area. The reason I bring up those stations is because those two last stations I mentioned have 12 channels each. Yes, you read that right 12 channels. The lineups are pretty much the same. You can click here to see WGCB's lineup, and you can click here to see WHDC's lineup. To learn more about Mr. Winemiller, just visit his website at I also asked about W14EE, which hasn't been moved from the Cookeville/Algood area, where that channel will go, and I haven't heard back yet. I should note that W14EE will not be moving to Nashville as WIIW-LD is holding a construction permit for channel 14 in the northern Davidson County area. As for the maps of W15ER and W29FR, via the links below, show, they have moved a little closer to Nashville. Here they are.

W15ER's new location
W29FR's new location

News about WDHC 6 Dickson and Information about the Owner

I also talked with Mr. Kenneth Forte, owner of WDHC channel 6, about WDHC. Mr. Forte owns local Dickson County radio stations WDKN 1260AM and 101.5 The One FM under his company name R&F Communications. He said the networks that will air on channel 6 would be the Family channel, the Action channel, Jewelry TV, and QVC. He said there may be more added. As I noted in an earlier post, they have finally applied for their permanent broadcasting spot. Now, the FCC has granted that application making it a construction permit. So, I asked him do you know when you will bring it on air. He said once all the equipment gets delivered and installed, it probably would be sometime late in July (this month). Their broadcast range can be seen by clicking here.

Well, I believe that is all the news I have for you right now. I will be updating some of this news in new posts as it breaks, because as you read up above, WRTN changing channels and WDHC coming on the air will happen this month. So, look for those to come. I want to wish everybody a happy and safe 4th of July. Like always, until more news breaks, that's all for now.


- Posted on July 3rd, 2021 at 6:04pm

Happy 4th to you as well NashDigie. Will WNPX go full power? I would love to have a shot at watching them in McMinnville.

- Posted on July 3rd, 2021 at 11:33pm

Sorry to burst your bubble, but they are a low power station. They will be on the same level as WCTZ 35 and WKUW 40. They will never be a full power station, and they are no longer a sister station to the full powered WNPX. They won't be airing the same networks.

- Posted on July 4th, 2021 at 3:10am - Edited

I meant the full power WNPX-TV doesn't seem full power. I can't get it where I live. Even during Skip. I miss ION TV. Having the SAME call letters in the SAME DMA doesn't help either. :(

- Posted on July 4th, 2021 at 1:31pm - Edited

I'm sorry about that. Yes, I wish they would too. A station that broadcasts full power on UHF is at 1000kw like WTVF or WZTV. WNPX only broadcasts at 550kw near Cross Plains in Robertson County. I thought when Scripps bought ION, I thought they would move back to Nashville and put it on WTVF NewsChannel5's tower, but so far, they haven't. I think I will e-mail NC5's engineer and ask him about Scripps moving WNPX to WTVF tower. I will post if I get a reply. Yeah, I know what you mean about the call letters.

- Posted on July 5th, 2021 at 3:10pm

I got a reply back from NewsChannel5's engineer. He said, "You ask a interesting question, but not one that I have heard anything about. To my knowledge, there have been no conversations about moving WNPX from its current tower site, but if I do hear of any plans to move it, I will let you know."

- Posted on July 4th, 2021 at 7:14am

Regarding WRTN. Would you please post an updated map of their coverage area. I live in Dickson; in the past their signal fades in & out. Thanks.

- Posted on July 4th, 2021 at 1:33pm

I have updated the post. I have added both WRTN 8 and WRTN 17 maps. Your welcome.

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