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More Repack Information

- Posted October 25th, 2017 at 9:17pm
News broke last week from the FCC that just like the filing window that is open now until Nov. 2nd for the stations in the repack to file for modifications, the FCC has decided to create another filing window for the stations NOT in the repack to modify their broadcasting specs. That window will be between Nov. 2nd and Dec. 31st. That date is not set in stone. They just said that it would be after this current filing window closes. Just to clarify, the stations in Nashville that would fall in that category would be WKRN 2, WSMV 4, WCTE 22, and WPGD 50. What they can do is to either move their transmitter or power up. Both WKRN and WPGD can only move, because they are already at full power. That is all the information I have for you right now, until later.


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