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Have Repack Dates for WZTV, WNAB, and WHTN

- Posted October 1st, 2019 at 1:49pm
Thanks to n2radio, I now know the dates for the repack of WZTV and WNAB. WNAB CW58 will change frequencies from channel 23 to channel 30 next Wednesday, October 9th, and WZTV Fox17 will change from channel 15 to channel 20 next Friday, October 11th. Also, WHTN channel 39 will change channels from 38 to 16 in two weeks on Wednesday, October 16th, but I do have to point out that when WHTN does change channels, they will be going from 1000kw all the way down to 24kw. So, if you are unable to receive them, that is why, but it is just temporary. Until more news breaks, that is all for now.


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