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Get Ready for Some Changes

- Posted July 28th, 2015 at 6:58pm
What I mean by the title is that in the next coming days, possibly WRTN channel 6 and definitely WTVF channel 5 will be changing networks. I know that WTVF channel 5 will switch ThisTV out with the Laff network either Friday or Saturday. When they added NC5+ and ThisTV a few years back, I noticed when they did it, and it was on July 31st during the 5pm newscast. So, if they do Laff that way, then it might be Friday when they put Laff on 5.3. I say "possibly" with WRTN, because I can't tell when he will add ThisTV, The Works, or Antenna TV. He first has to wait on WTVF to give up ThisTV, so it can be available for him to put it on his channel. That is all for now until more news breaks.


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