Nashville's Repack Plans

This page is to show all of the information of the stations in Nashville that are being affected by the FCC Repack. The transitioning ERP is what each station will be (temporarily) broadcasting at on an auxiliary antenna when they are bringing down the current antenna (mainly top mounted ones) and putting up the new antenna for the new channel.

Call Letters and Channels Current ERP (Power Level - kW) Transitioning ERP (Power Level - kW) Final ERP (Power Level - kW) Notes
WTVF(5) - 25→36 1000 600 1000
WNPT(8) - 8→7 17.65 7 17.65 There are two towers in southern Davidson County that are positioned right beside each other. They will be moving from one to the other.
WZTV(17) - 15→20 1000 200 1000
WNPX(28) - 36→32 733 250 676
WJDE(31) - 31→23 5.3 -- 4.5 This will be an interesting one as WJDE will actually be leaving the L&C building and going to a tower north of Nashville near the intersection of Dickerson Pike and I-65
WHTN(39) - 38→16 1000 ? (Unknown at this time) 618
WJFB(44) - 44→25 1000 ? ?* *The reason for the question mark on the final ERP is because the current tower, in Wilson County, is not able to support a new antenna. Therefore, they have decided to wait and file in the second filing window to apply for channel 25 at, I believe, 1000kW at the antenna farm in north Nashville instead of their current location.
WNAB(58) - 23→30 350 300 200* *The reason for the asterick is because they have filed a permit for channel 30 to broadcast at 200kW, but I have seen in other paper work that they have listed 408kW. So, they are probably just filing their initial construction permit, and then they will apply again to raise it to 408kW.

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